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Eagle Honors Scholars at Symposium

Honors Program

If you are looking for a collegiate community that will broaden your intellectual horizons, deepen your Christian faith, and reward your academic strengths, Northwestern’s Honor Program may be for you.

Apply for the Honors Program and become an Eagle Scholar

Is your composite ACT score 30 or higher? Is your SAT combined math and reading score 1400 or higher?

Eagle Scholars Honors Scholarship

Students accepted to the Honors Program receive our most prestigious academic scholarship!

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The Honors Program community extends beyond those who are currently enrolled. Achievement of graduates inspires me to pursue ambitious goals. The accolades and adventures of alumni are many and diverse–awards, jobs at prestigious companies, publications, enrollment in graduate programs, company startups, and cross-cultural experiences. I am inspired by their success.
Elizabeth Donaldson
Department of Biology & Biochemistry, 2018

Benefits and Opportunities

There's more to the Honors program than just the scholarship. Eagle Scholars enjoy these opportunities too:

  • Work one-on-one with a professor/mentor
  • Enjoy friendships with like-minded students
  • Conduct individual research in advanced topics
  • Present at the Minnesota Collegiate Honors Symposium
  • Receive special recognition at graduation
  • Gain preparation for graduate school, internships, and jobs
  • Competitive resume based upon experience
  • Receive mentoring by the Director of the Honors Program
  • Have permission to register early for classes each semester
  • Receive transcript notation that they graduated from an honors program
My first year as an eagle scholar has pushed me to be better and has given me a lot of confidence in my own ability as a student. It has started me on the right path for applying to medical school, and it has shown me the value that good critical thinking skills can bring to a conversation.
Dominick J., 2019 Eagle Scholar

Travel the world

Eagle Scholars have the opportunity to participate in the Honors Colloquium, which involves a study trip to another country. Recently, students have visited Ireland and England.

Study Abroad

Challenging Honors Courses

My experience in the Honors Program has broadened my horizons in all areas of life. I learned and practiced different methods of defending my faith, I began critically analyzing world events, and I became interested in everything.
Josiah O., 2021 Eagle Scholar
  • Honors Topics in Art Appreciation
  • Honors Spiritual Formation
  • Honors New Testament History and Literature
  • Honors Progress of Redemption
  • Honors Colloquium
  • Honors Systematic Theology
  • Honors Topics in Biology
  • Honors Public Speaking
  • Honors Composition
  • Honors Critical Thinking and Writing
  • Honors History of Western Civilization
  • Honors Topics in Literature
  • Honors Topics in Philosophy
  • Honors Topics in Old/New Testament
  • Honors Old Testament History and Literature I: Law & History
  • Honors Old Testament History and Literature II: Poetry & Prophecy

*Northwestern students who are not officially admitted into the Eagle Scholars Honors Program may still take honors courses. Any honors courses taken are designated as such on the college transcript.

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Honors Application Process

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