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Choir singing in eastern Europe.

Music Tours

Northwestern musicians have opportunities to take their talents on tour. Our ensembles have traveled across Europe; including Spain, Estonia, Ireland, Finland, and more.

Northwestern Music Tours

Tours provide students with a unique opportunity to celebrate the mission of University of Northwestern outside its walls, creating cross-cultural experiences which can be transformational musically, socially, and spiritually.

The University underwrites a significant amount of the cost of each tour, but each student is responsible for an additional amount depending on the tour length and location. Students can reduce some or most of their tour expenses for international tours by participating in several of the fundraising opportunities. Tour aid is given to any student who participates in more than one ensemble tour per year or goes on back-to-back overseas trips.

*Music Ensemble Tours

Piano Tour

Symphonic Band
May 16–31, 2021

UNW Orchestra

*All tours are being planned but tentative due to COVID-19.

Women's Chorale
April 10-12, 2021

Varsity Men's Chorus
April 23–25, 2021 

Northwestern Choir
March 4-11, 2021

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Julie Johnson serves as the Music Tour Manager and would love to hear from churches or schools interested in a visit from one of our excellent music ensembles.

Julie Johnson

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